Pak Zaib processes are designed to deliver the simplest and most complex demands of customer and market trends.

Three decades of passion, devotion and tradition ensures quality and value that reflects in all products produced at Pak Zaib.

Starting from sourcing of the finest quality materials to conducting quality checks at every stage. Pak Zaib processes are designed to deliver best value to our customers.
   SMV based capacity planning across all units
   Layout design/ line balancing across all stitching lines
   S5 implantation across all units
   Trend forecasting to ensure material and man power planning
   Product engineering
   Industry innovation for continual improvement
We offer an extensive range of services and process to fulfill any requirement of our clients.
Pak Zaib strictly follows a quality manual established by the management in the light of customer's required quality standards.

Documenting a quality plan, setting out the specific quality assurance practices, resources required and the sequence of activities relevant to the particular product.

Obligatory quality checks have been designed and implemented at all production stages from raw materials selection to final packaging of the finished products. An independent team of quality assurance personnel monitors the whole production process and ensures that required quality standards are fully complied.