Key Strengths

All sub materials used in our products are guaranteed to carry quality and all are purchased only from well-known and reliable suppliers with a product development studio in Spain & Pakistan. Pak Zaib is assured of finding the right components for the right product - at the right price
As a part of its development program, Pak Zaib has employed a team of expert technician who supervise all garment manufacturing. Under their direction, Pak Zaib's chain line production system ensures consistent sizing and superior construction. In addition to an exceptional technical staff, Pak Zaib managerial staff is composed entirely of highly qualified and trained business professionals.
By manufacturing garments from our own materials, Pak Zaib can offer its client's substantial cost savings - further enhancing the advantages of our distinctive styles and high quality workmanship. 
With a monthly capacity in excess of 9,000 garments, Pak Zaib factories can easily handle orders of any size. We're big enough to deliver massive bulk orders, but we're also equipped to produce normal / smaller quantities with full attention and dedication. Big order or small, our entire operation has been built around the concept of immediate response and quick turn over with typical lead time of six to eight weeks.
At Pak Zaib, we offer our clients the finest products possible — then enhance this craftsmanship with the added benefit of some of the world's most competitive labor costs. When it comes to style, quality and fit, Pak Zaib products can hold their own against merchandise manufactured anywhere else in the word. And when it comes to cost, no one else can even come close to our values.